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Hi guys,

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my blog.

I'm Nikki, a Primary School teacher who has gained experience in the UK and internationally. I'm currently  teaching at an international school in China, where I have been for 6 years. It's a very different experience but a great one and I have grown so much as a teacher during the time I have been here. Who knows where our journey will lead next...?

After working in leadership for 4 years and losing some of the passion I had for teaching, I have stepped back to being a classroom teacher and I'm looking forward to  rediscovering my passion for the job. I started this blog to document my journey in the classroom as well as to share  my experience  and resources with fellow teachers out there.

The internet is the place I turn when  I'm looking for ideas or help, so I hope this blog helps some of you out too.
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Email: loveoflearning12@mail.com

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