Friday, 26 October 2018

10 Favourite Halloween Activities for Young Learners

It's almost Halloween and the kids are so excited!  Today I'm sharing 10 of my favourite Halloween activities to do with young learners

Rhyming Word Potions - Halloween is the perfect time to do a little  rhyming word activity - I mean, bat, cat, rat! I love to begin with a basic witch spell and let children change the ingredients to make their own rhyming word potion. It's an activity that really gets children excited about writing. Naturally, they get to make their potions after!

Monster Playdough - Giving children some colourful playdough and lots of craft materials can lead to the most unique and creative monsters I've ever seen. Children love to them play with the monsters they have created and develop stories with them. I have also used vegetables for them to  make monsters which the children loved too.
Image by The Tiptoe Fairy

Witch Slime
- What child doesn't love slime? Halloween is the perfect time for slime! I usually add in some glitter, googly eyes and mini-beasts too.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders - This is a fun maths activity. Roll a dice and children count out the correct number of legs (pipe cleaners) to attach to the spider. They could add or subtract to find an amount to add extra challenge. Children love that they have a product to take home at the end of it too.
Image by Pre-School Activities

Shape Monsters
- This is a really easy activity to set up. All you need is some coloured paper, shapes to draw around and craft items to decorate monsters. It's fantastic for teaching shape and children get really creative about the monsters they make. It's easy to extend this activity to talk about monster powers or descriptive language, or even a writing task or story about the monsters they have created.

Silly Soup - Such a fantastic phonics activity! It's an activity that I use regularly throughout the year but ts especially fitting for Halloween. Have a big cauldron with some coloured rice or liquid inside. Place lots of objects on the carpet and only items that begin with a specific letter can go into the potion. There's also a cute song to go with it:
We're making silly soup
We're making soup that's silly
Put it in the fridge
To make it night and chilly
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Funnybones - Funny Bones is a great story to read at Halloween. The repetitive nature of the story means it's more accessible for EAL students and perfect for young learners. It's great for teaching body parts to children too!  Got to cover those objectives! I usually set up a small world area in the classroom for children to make their own skeletons and act out the story.

Spiders Web - It's fun to create a spider web by wrapping string around posts to make a giant web. The children really enjoy climbing through the web and it's great for teaching positional language. I usually put minibeasts on the floor for children to collect and count as they climb through the web.
Image by Here Come the Girls

Cone Witch Hats
- Kids love to make a treat that they can eat and these ice-cream cone hats are so easy! Just dip them in chocolate and let the kids go wild decorating.

Magic Wands - Such a great activity at Halloween and the children absolutely love it. I usually lay out twigs or rolled up paper with loots of different resources for children to decorate and make their magic wands. This usually leads to lots of excellent play after and usually shapes our learning for the following weeks.

What are your favourite Halloween activities for young children?

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