Friday, 12 October 2018

10 Favourite Autumn Activities for Young Learners

Oh, hello Autumn! Isn't Autumn such a fantastic season for learning all about changes? I just love doing Autumn-based activities with the kids! Here are my ten favourite activities to do during Autumn.
Image by Daisies and Pie
Leafy Animal Art - Aren't these pictures just the cutest? I love to do art projects with leaves during Autumn. It creates great conversation points as you discuss the colours of the leaves and which colours represent various parts of the picture they are creating. They also make a great display!

Autumn Walk - I love to take my class on a nature walk to take in the environment around them and talk about the changes that are taking place. The children often notice things they haven't previously noticed and this leads to lots of new learning points and often shapes future learning. I usually let children collect things that have fallen onto the ground to use in their play.

Habitats - Talking about hibernation with children is a great conversation. I usually set up a table with shoe boxes, toy animals and the resources that the children collected from their Autumnal walk and let the children go wild creating their habitats. The children get so creative about the process.

Autumn Sensory Spot - Similar to the habitats activity, I also like to set up an Autumn sensory tuff spot for children to explore. I usually add in lots of natural materials, as well as some writing and maths materials. I then let children do what they want with the items and see where the play goes.
Image by Wings and Roots
Autumn Tree Threading - I'm big on fine motor activities and always try to have them available in the classroom for free-choice activities. I love this Autumn tree activity to develop fine motor skills and it is great for teaching repeated patterns and counting too.

Autumn Leaves Talk for Writing - I'm a huge, huge Talk for Writing fan and incorporate it into most Literacy lessons. I love to sing this song with my class then plot it onto a story map. The children then change elements of the song to create and perform their own songs. To extend this, I sometimes develop the task into a writing activity too.
Image by Go Explore Nature
Natural Magic Wands - I love these magic wands made from natural materials. They children love to make them and get really creative with where their play goes with them. They also lead into Halloween nicely.

Rangoli Patterns - Diwali falls right around the time that the natural materials are in abundance so I like to use them to create Rangoli patterns to celebrate. My current school doesn't touch on religious celebrations too much, so I have also provided children with picture frames and let them arrange the natural items within the frame to create their own artwork to be displays.
Image by Nurture Store
Leaf Printing - Leaf  printing is such a great activity to teach children about colour mixing and to allow them to explore and investigate for themselves. It also sparks lots of conversations and the children are always so amazed when they make a new colour.

Harvest - Harvest is the perfect time to talk about healthy eating as well as food and where it comes from. I give children real fruits and vegetables to explore using their senses. I also raise conversations about children who do not have the food that they need and raise awareness. I also encourage children to sort foods and talk about the importance of being healthy.

What are your favourite Autumn activities?

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