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Ingenious and Speedy Provision Planning on Pintrest

Have you ever heard of Pinterest Planning? It is one of the most time-saving and effective ways of planning enhanced provision in the classroom that I have ever seen. I started this 2 years ago with my EYFS team and it has been one of the most positive changes to our planning. Even those who had reservations are now completely sold on it's effectiveness.

Let's be honest, how many of you teachers of there get lots of ideas from Pinterest? I know I do; there is some fantastic stuff on there! When planning, I found that I was finding a great idea then typing it all out onto our planning format. It was so time consuming and unnecessary and I'm never a fan of wasting time. So, I developed a Pinterest Planning system for our EYFS team and we've never looked back. Here's how we did it...

New to Pinterest?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably already know all about Pinterest and its amazingness. It's essentially a social media network that lets you combine all of the ideas and things you love in one place. You create boards titled with the things that interest you and collect ideas or share your own within each relevant board. There are so many great ideas out there and you can follow others who have lots of ideas that interest you and pin your favourite ideas to your boards.

The best thing about Pintrest? It's completely visual.

Step 1 - Open a new Pintrest account

This isn't essential but I found it easier to keep it separate from my personal account. I set up a new school e-mail address and linked this to the Pinterest account so that it was easy to pass on to my successor if I were to leave my role (which I did coincidentally)

Step 2 - Create public theme boards

Create public boards for themes that you would like to gather ideas for. I created these for areas of an EYFS classroom, such as writing, construction, investigation, outdoor, etc as well as for special events, such as Easter, Christmas, etc. This is a great way to share ideas with your teammates. Our department is large, consisting of 4 different year groups so it's not always possible to physically meet to share ideas. Pinterest provides us with a platform to share ideas and practice without the need to be present when time is tight. It's also great to refer back to year after year.
Step 3 - Create private (or public) planning boards

Next I created private Pinterest boards for our planning. I chose to keep them private as we developed and refined our use of Pinterest, but if you wanted to keep them public that would work too.

For each year group I created 1 board per week. I labelled the boards with the year group, term, week and date. For example, a Reception board was named 'Rec AUWK1 21.8' Teachers can then pin their provision onto the relevant board for that week.

The best thing about this is the time it saves, as well as the visual aspect. What used to take time to type out the idea and recreate the visual, now only takes seconds.
Step 4 - Invite colleagues

Invite colleagues to collaborate on each of the boards. This will then allow your teammates to pin their ideas onto the planning board from their own account. It's easy to invite colleagues to collaborate, but they will need to accept the invitation before they can add their ideas.

Step 5 - Create guidelines

Invite Our Pinterest guidelines were created a little while into planning using Pinterest as we found we had quite a bit of inconsistency with the thought process that went into the provision planning. The guidelines were pretty straightforward and don't add too much time to the planning process.

The required information for each pin includes:

  • Provision area
  • Key objective
  • Related phonics opportunities
  • Related maths opportunities
This information is added to the notes section of the pin for reference throughout the following week.
You can get my 11 page Pintrest Planning Guide on my TPT and TES Store.
It takes a bit of setting up to get your boards ready but once set, your team will never look back and your team will love you for saving them so much time. We have also found that the quality of our provision has improved, partly because we have more time to develop the ideas but also because the visual element of our planning allows us to recreate ideas to a much higher quality.

Have you tried doing your planning on Pinterest? Are you interested in giving Pinterest planning a try? Let me know how it goes for you or give me a shout with any questions.

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