Tuesday, 4 September 2018

A Cute Little Welcome Activitiy

On the first day of school we didn't have a proper school day, the children simply dropped in throughout the morning to take a look at their classroom and ask any questions. I really wanted to fill up a display board with their work so that there was something on the wall that belonged to them on their first day.

This year my class will be the Jaguar Class.
I printed lots of templates of jaguars in different poses that the children could colour and decorate and I gave them various methods to do this. They could choose to colour or collage their jaguar. While the children did this, it gave me an opportunity to chat to the parents and answer any questions that they had. It was also a way for the children to settle into the classroom without giving them free reign (because no teacher wants to have to set up the whole room again before the kids even start) 

Once the children had finishes colouring their jaguar, they posed like a jaguar and I took a few photos. The photos were then stuck onto the jaguar's face and onto the wall for a super quick and easy display that was all the children's work. 

What other ideas do you have for super quick start of the year displays?

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