Friday, 14 September 2018

9 Professional Development Ideas for EYFS Settings

CPD is important, but there's nothing worse than spending a day doing CPD in a workshop that isn't good. I've recently been looking into professional development ideas for EYFS and have found so many great and worthwhile training ideas. Check them out to make sure your next professional development day is great!

Funky Feet - Funky Feet offer training to support fine and gross motor development for young children. Their programme is taught through songs and games and is so much fun for the children while addressing those prime areas. They have sample videos on Youtube as a taster.

Early Excellence - Early Excellence are a key leader in EYFS education, identifying best practice and providing guidance for practitioners. They will come into your learning environment and see what you currently have in place. They will then tailor a training day based on their observations, giving suggestions on how to improve your setting as well as training on how to do so.

Kindermusik - Kindermusik encourages learning in literacy, maths and other areas of learning through songs and music. It is recognised worldwide and such a fun way to support learning. The training is quite expensive and because of that, it's more beneficial to send one teacher for training which will enable them too share this with colleagues.

Tapestry Learning Journal - Tapestry is an incredible assessment tool that documents children learning journey in the Early Years, identifies gaps in learning, analyses data and provides a key communication between home and school. When used to its full capabilities, Tapestry is an incredible  tool. If your school have purchased a Tapestry package, they offer training on all of its capabilities for a small fee.

National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (NALDIC) - EAL is a challenge that all teachers in the classroom face. Working in an international school, it is a particularly big challenge for my school. NALDIC offer extensive training and resources to help teachers manage and meet the needs of the varying English abilities within the classroom.

Talk4Writing - Talk4Writing is just incredible! The talking, confidence, stories and writing that I have seen come from T4W from very young children is fantastic. Pie Corbett works with teachers who are also T4W consultants and can offer training to your school.

Creative Partnerships - I have previously worked with Creative Partnerships and they are fantastic. The projects that they developed with the children were just incredible. It's been a few years and I recently looked at their website and discovered how big the company has got, now working internationally too. I can't recommend them enough, what they do is fantastic!

Alistair Bryce-Clegg - Alistair Bryce-Clegg has a wealth of experience and great ideas about EYFS. The thing I like most about him is the all of his ideas just make sense. They are practical and things that the everyday classroom teacher can do. Often, the things he suggests are great timesavers for teachers too!

NRICH - As mastery in maths is becoming a priority, I have realised that there is not much out there for EYFS related to maths mastery. NRICH offers a great investigative approach to learning maths and training from them would definitely set any teacher in the right direction.

Have you participated in any great professional development for EYFS? Let me know!

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